SYLVIA BROWNE: Accepting the Psychic Torch by Sylvia Browne

    SYLVIA BROWNE: Accepting the Psychic Torch

    by  Sylvia Browne

    eBooks 19.95 USD $19.95

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 9/16/09

    ISBN: 9781401926748

    SYLVIA BROWNE: ACCEPTING THE PSYCHIC TORCH is a brand-new anthology that contains the full text of two of Sylvia's best-selling books: the landmark
    Adventures of a Psychic, which details how a little girl from Kansas City, Missouri, discovered her gifts and was then led on a decades-long journey to ultimately become "one of America's most successful clairvoyants"; and
    If You Could See What I See, a handbook on spirituality that is also full of anecdotes from Sylvia's life, both before and after she became a world-famous medium who spends her time writing, lecturing, and appearing on TV. Yet this volume also contains a special treat: an all-new work from Sylvia! Titled
    Accepting the Psychic Torch, it focuses on the incredibly special relationship Sylvia had with her beloved psychic grandmother, Ada Coil. Drawing on her cherished memories, along with Grandma Ada's numerous letters-many of which are reprinted in these pages-Sylvia gives us a rich portrait of a blessed soul who helped so many. She also delves into her own childhood and teenage years as never before, as she relates how her dear grandmother not only became her mentor, but was indeed the mother she never really had.

    This is the book Sylvia's fans have been begging her to write . . . and it doesn't disappoint!