The Art of Resilience  by Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.

    The Art of Resilience 

    Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. interviewed by Nancy Levin

    by  Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.

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    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 6/4/14

    ISBN: ZS71

    Version: Unabridged

    Length: 66 minutes

    Creativity, realism versus optimism, friendship, faith, and humor—what do they all have in common when it comes to our well-being? How can we make it through tough times and emerge with more depth of spirit, strength, and compassion than ever before? Join Nancy Levin as she speaks with Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., and learn the art of resilience.

    Joan distills the latest research into what makes the difference between those who are resilient and those who aren't. She shares the simple steps you can take now to quickly enhance the areas of the brain that govern this vital trait—including the "Gear-Shift Breathing" exercise, which can be done anytime, anywhere, to immediately reset your brain chemistry! Learn the importance of listening to the body to determine the right foods to support your health, rather than falling prey to the latest fads. With her rigorous scientific training and years of experience in mind-body medicine, Joan is a source of wisdom and a trusted guide to strengthening yourself, mind, body, and soul.