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    The Baby Boomer Diet

    Body Ecology's Guide to Growing Younger: Anti-Aging Wisdom for Every Generation
    by Donna Gates
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    The Baby Boomer Diet by Donna Gates

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 10/11/11

    ISBN: 9781401935450

    Product Description

    As baby boomers, we're a generation that has transformed society. How will we redefine aging?
    This book provides a blueprint for restoring a vital friendship with our bodies and, in turn, renewing our bond with the earth. It shows us how we can live fuller, healthier, more meaningful lives.

    A fascinating blend of cutting-edge medical information, practical health advice, and spiritual wisdom, The Baby Boomer Diet is relevant for people of any age. Written by Donna Gates, th eoriginator of Body Ecology, a world-renowned system of healing-this long-awaited book suggests that we don't simply have to age gracefully, we can age with panache.

    What's Inside This Groundbreaking Book:
    * Anti-aging remedies that will make you feel and look younger
    * The missing piece to all traditional diet programs
    * Insight into why we age and how we can prevent it
    * Little-known wellness secrets that address the stresses and pressures of our modern world
    * Ways to apply Body Ecology's seven universal principles to the health challenges associated with aging
    * Superfood recommendations for increased energy, vitality, and disease prevention

    Donna Gates, with Lyndi Schrecengost

    About the Author


    Donna Gates, a nutritional consultant, author, and lecturer, has helped thousands of people overcome candidiasis and other immune-system disorders. Drawing on the best of modern medical science, ancient Chinese medicine, and naturopathy-combined with years of firsthand experience counseling clients-she created Body Ecology, her own system of health and healing. Donna regularly appears on radio shows and conducts workshops to educate the public on medicinal foods.