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The Best of Loretta LaRoche

As Seen on Public Television
by Loretta LaRoche
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The Best of Loretta LaRoche by Loretta LaRoche

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Publisher Hay House
Publication Date 2/1/04
ISBN 1-4019-0252-9

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On this four-CD set, Loretta LaRoche, the "Master of Mirth" herself, takes you on a hysterical journey from stressed to blessed-reminding you what it's like to be alive, connected with others, and savoring the present moment. Using amusing anecdotes from her own life, as well as the latest research in the fields of psychology and mind-body health, Loretta unveils simple techniques for living a life filled with laughter, compassion, and delight; parenting with a sense of humor; surviving stress in the workplace; and really celebrating each waking moment.

CD #1-Parenting with Humor (Is It Possible?)
CD #2-How to Prevent Hardening of the Attitude: Reducing Stress in the Workplace
CD #3-Love, Laughter, and Lasagna: A Recipe for a Positive Outlook
CD #4-Find the Bless in the Mess

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Loretta LaRoche, the best-selling author of Life Is Short—Wear Your Party Pants and Squeeze the Day, among other works, is a stress-management consultant who advocates humor, optimism, and resiliency as coping mechanisms. She uses her wit and wisdom to help people learn how to take stress and turn it into strength, and how to see themselves as the survivors of their own lives—that is, to find the “bless in the mess.”
Loretta is a favorite with viewers of her PBS specials, as well as on the lecture circuit, where she presents an average of 100 talks per year. She lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts.