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In this inspiring and healing online course in the privacy of your own home, you’ll learn little-known spiritual methods for healing your appetite and your relationship with your body and food. Through a combination of teaching, guided healing methods, and taking calls from those enrolled in the course, you’ll healthfully shift your relationship with food and your body. This frequently results in losing weight naturally and gently, as your cravings become attuned to more healthful foods and beverages. Doreen will teach you how to replace traditional diets with a balanced and empowering lifestyle which naturally leads to a healthy weight.

Doreen Virtue holds university degrees in Counseling Psychology, and she worked as an Eating Disorders Therapist in inpatient and outpatient settings. Her doctoral dissertation on the link between childhood abuse and the development of eating disorders was the basis for her first Hay House book, “Losing Your Pounds of Pain.” Her work with eating disorders and weight was featured in USA Today newspaper and on Oprah. In 1995, Doreen’s focus shifted to teaching about angels following a brush with death in which angels saved her life. Today, she combines her background as an Eating Disorder Therapist with her connection to angels when she counsels people about appetite, food, and weight.

Week 1: Heal Your Appetite. In this inspiring course, Doreen will help you to find motivation to change your eating and exercise habits, without willpower or feelings of deprivation. Doreen will discuss the spiritual basis of overeating (including past life, self-esteem, and life purpose issues). She’ll gently guide you through Angel Therapy processes to increase your motivation to eat and live healthfully. She’ll help your cravings shift to healthy foods and beverages, so you’ll enjoy eating a lower calorie diet without feelings of deprivation.

Week 2: Making Friends with Your Body. Doreen will discuss how stress, tension, and having a history of abusive relationships is related to the development of eating disorders (including compulsive overeating). She’ll help you to untangle yourself from painful feelings which have driven you to overeat in the past. Doreen will guide you through an Angel Therapy experience with the healing Archangel Raphael so that you’ll directly work with your body to release weight.

Week 3: Eating in the Light. This week’s course focuses upon detoxing your body from processed foods and chemicals which can elicit pounds, bloating, emotional rollercoasters, and other health concerns. In addition, Doreen will discuss how a purified diet helps you spiritually, such as giving you clarity and confidence with your life purpose and psychic abilities. You’ll learn how the brain’s chemicals which affect mood and weight are tied into your eating and drinking styles. Doreen will lead you through a powerful Angel Therapy session to help you to make steps toward detoxification.

Week 4: Angel Food. You’ve probably been receiving guidance toward a healthful diet and lifestyle, and this week’s course supports you to do so. You’ll learn practical ways to introduce vegan and vegetarian meals into your diet, including discussions about what to do if your family doesn’t care for vegetables, and how to eat healthfully at restaurants. Doreen will discuss the role of eating gluten-free as well. The course will end with a discussion and Angel Therapy session designed to increase your motivation to exercise, and to culminate the four week course.

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