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The Love And Power Journal

by Lynn V. Andrews
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The Love And Power Journal by Lynn V. Andrews

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Publisher Hay House
Publication Date 8/1/01
ISBN 1-56170-849-6

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This workbook should provide a sacred record of your journey to wholeness as you discover your own truths and record them here. It covers a linear year with weekly exercises for physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health and wellbeing and teaches how energy flows within you and around you.

About the Author


Lynn V. Andrews is the internationally acclaimed author of 16 books, including Medicine Woman and Jaguar Woman; and she is currently published in 12 languages. Considered an inspirational teacher in the field of personal development, Lynn is a 20th-century shaman whose words reflect her path—a path of heart. Her work continually leads us into a powerful exploration of self-discovery and spirituality.