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The Majestic Power of Dreams Revealed
Denise Linn - On Demand Lecture

Date: 4/23/09 - 12/31/20 Sponsored by: Hay House Format: On Demand Downloads Location: Internet, Hay House Radio $8.00

The Majestic Power of Dreams Revealed

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Did you know that several lottery winners have had the winning numbers come to them in a dream? Or, what about famous physicist Albert Einstein, who said that every major discovery he made came through a dream? Did you also know that you can profoundly accelerate your spiritual growth and healing through your dreams?

In her warm and intimate manner, Denise Linn, internationally renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author of The Hidden Power of Dreams, reveals the little-known secrets about the mysterious world of dreams.

During this potent On Demand Lecture, you will gain a vast amount of information about your dreams. You'll also learn your Personal Color Key—the exact shade and hue for you at this time in your life—that you need to visualize just before sleep to have deeply meaningful dreams. Since every person has a different color vibrational harmonic to open the Dream Gateways, your personal color is your key to the inner realms. You can also use your Personal Color Key when you do affirmations or visualizations, and it will profoundly magnify the results that you receive. Denise will ask you a series of specially formulated questions about your life (while you're in a relaxed state). The answers to these questions helps guide you into a vibrational shift during a meditative Soul Journey in which you discover your Personal Color Key. (This process is one of the reasons that you are asked to drink extra water and remove as much metal jewelry as you can before this workshop begins.)

Additionally you will:
• Learn who your personal Dream Guide is.
• Discover how to program your dreams for abundance, love, health, and joy!
• Remember your dreams and discover their true meaning.
• Create a protective Dream Shield.
• Use the secrets of the ancient Tibetan dream method
• Become an amazing Night Healer to help others.
• Learn to astral travel in a way that is safe, fun, and easy.
• Receive personal messages from loved ones in the spirit realm.
• Program yourself for prophetic dreams and learn to tell if they really are true visions.
• Use your dreams to discover and heal your past lives.
• Discover how to use stones, essential oils, and other ancient methods to improve your dream experience.
• And much more!

Denise also leads you on a powerful Dream Journey to open your inner dream portals and meet your personal Dream Guide.

Important: Please drink extra water prior to listening to this seminar and remove metal jewelry during the Soul Journey.