The Moses Code by James F. Twyman

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 4/3/08

    ISBN: 9781401922436

    Following the enormous success of The Secret, a new film is now released that takes the Law of Attraction and returns it to its rightful place -- the soul.

    Drew Hariot, the director of The Secret and executive producer of The Moses Code says that "the Moses Code is the next step, actually entering through the door that The Secret opened."

    James Twyman, the director of The Moses Code said that "this film continues one of the most important conversations of our time -- how do we use these spiritual principles to heal humanity, not just attract things into our own lives." The Moses Code is for anyone who loved The Secret, and for those who knew there was more to the story.

    Some of the best known spiritual teachers of our time offer a message of peace 3500 years in the making. The most powerful manifestation tool in history is at last open to the masses, not just a privileged few.

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