The Moses Code Frequency Meditation
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The Moses Code Frequency Meditation

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Publisher Hay House
Publication Date 5/12/08
ISBN 978-1-4019-2314-3

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For the first time, an ancient form of Kabbalistic numerology called Gemantria is being combined with the name of God that was given to Moses at the burning bush: I AM THAT I AM.

These are frequencies that have never been made public before, and they unlock the power of the Moses Code in profound ways.

The basis of this recording is the tuning forks that have been designed that correspond to the Gemantria of the Holy Name.
(The tuning forks are available through

Two 20-minute versions of the meditation are being offered on this CD. The first is for deep meditation, and the second (with guitar accompaniment) is for a more active meditation.
Also on this CD are seven James Twyman songs that were featured in The Moses Code movie.