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The Napkin, The Melon & The Monkey
How to Be Happy and Successful by Simply Changing Your Mind
by Barbara Burke
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The Napkin, The Melon & The Monkey

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Publisher Hay House
Publication Date 1/25/12
ISBN 978-1-4019-2574-1

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As a customer service agent, Olivia has been trained to handle irate customers in a calm, professional manner. But one day she loses control and yells back. Terrified that she'll be fired, she seeks out Isabel, the call center's sage.

The advice she receives from her wise mentor changes her life:
· SODA (Stop. Observe. Decide. Act)-a sure-fire formula for remaining calm in any situation
· Unplugging-a centuries-old practice to reduce anxiety and promote creativity
· Aha!s-22 practical insights that become the framework for living a happy life

This modern-day fable shows us that the best way to reduce stress is to cultivate mindfulness. While we cannot control much of what happens, we can get better outcomes if we stop to see situations clearly and calmly.

About the Author


Barbara Burke is an internationally known consultant, speaker, and author specializing in the “people side” of customer service management. At the core of her philosophy is the belief that exceptional customer service is only possible when the employees providing the service feel valued and engaged. In the last 25 years, thousands of front-line employees and their leaders have benefited from her innovative training programs. Her clients include Honeywell, Progress Energy,Alltel, Microsoft, Estée Lauder, Target Corporation, Portland General Electric, the State of Minnesota, the State of Pennsylvania, Procter & Gamble, Cox Communications, Vertex, Time-Warner, and Austin Energy. To invite Barbara to speak to your group, visit or call (507) 663-7232 for more information about her inspirational keynotes and seminars.