The Proof Online Course by James F. Twyman

    The Proof Online Course

    A 40-Day Program for Embodying Oneness

    by  James F. Twyman

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    Move Beyond the Barriers that Seem to Separate Us!
    Celebrate the Oneness That Can Change Your Life and the Whole World!

    Do you believe in miracles? What if miracles are occurring all around us every day and all we need to do is recognize them to share the blessings of harmony and connection for ourselves, our families, and our world? What if the saints and mystics were correct when they said that all of us are actually ONE? James Twyman, renowned author and crusader for peace, has found a way to prove once and for all that separation is an illusion. Our oneness is real, it can be proven, and, with practice, we can learn to tap in to the realm of spirit we all share.

    With the release of his free, downloadable movie, The Proof, James offered fascinating and amazing evidence of our oneness, our power to share our thoughts and use our mental energy to transcend physical barriers. Taking on the challenge of finding a book hidden somewhere in the continental U.S. without using words, James demonstrated how the energy of our minds can be used to connect and communicate.

    Now you can learn to move past the illusion of separateness and follow the beat of the universal heart. Experience the power of oneness for yourself with a course developed by James Twyman and Anakha Coman. Offered as a 40-day program of downloadable lessons, the course will help you begin to integrate the reality of oneness into your life.

    James has tailored this course into 40 short sessions so you can spend a few minutes each day learning how to discover, strengthen, and enhance your bond with all living beings of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He also includes exercises in each lesson that you can practice to help you dance to the universal heartbeat. “The number 40 comes up time and time again in the stories of the mystics and saints,” James explains. “It is a profound number of transformation. In these lessons, you’ll find out how you can soften your attachment of separation and realize the inherent Oneness that is your foundation, your life, and your source of being.”

    You’ll also learn how to:
    ● Dissolve the barriers between your ego and your soul and learn to share thoughts and impressions.
    ● Accept and love yourself exactly as you are.
    ● Return to your natural pace and rhythm, and move at the pace of the universal heartbeat.
    ● Connect to your deep integrity and the integrity of life.
    ● Knock on the door of your heart, and allow yourself to be opened, and feel the presence of love grow within you.
    ● Allow yourself to pull away from your endless work and responsibilities to rest and be restored.
    ● Recognize that everyone who arrives in your life has been sent to awaken you, to teach you to heal, and to transform you.
    ● Expand your idea of community to include everyone and exclude no one.
    ● Feel at home wherever you go and with everyone you encounter.
    ● Invite change into your life and see how its arrival can help you to heal and grow.

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    Let James Twyman help you develop the practice and the awareness you need to experience oneness and share it with the world! You’ll learn to believe in miracles!

    “What we are seeking is not the riches of the world, but the richness of our souls, and this can only come from realizing that we are connected and whole. Simply put, we are ONE.”
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