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The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone

A Four-Legged Approach to Enlightenment
by Michael J. Chase
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The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone by Michael J. Chase

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Publisher Hay House
Publication Date 4/25/13
ISBN 978-1-4019-4202-1

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Is "loving everyone" really possible, as the title of Michael J. Chase's new book suggests?

The answer may surprise you, as he chronicles his journey toward enlightenment, gaining insight from a very unlikely source-a four-legged guru named Mollie, who happens to be the most lovable yet mischievous dog in the world. In his attempt to understand her ability to unconditionally love all, Chase begins to see the world through his best friend's eyes, especially during their morning walks. Mollie's hilarious antics and maddening behavior ultimately lead to profound insights learned at the other end of the leash.

Written with heart and sidesplitting humor, this one-of-a-kind true story of friendship and a divine —albeit outrageous— dog delivers on its promise to reveal a pathway toward enlightenment . . . and brings each of us one step closer to loving everyone.

About the Author


Michael J. Chase is a bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and student of spiritual wisdom, both ancient and contemporary. As founder of The Kindness Center, Michael is recognized across the globe as an expert on the subjects of kindness and positive behavior. He is one of today’s most sought-after teachers in the field of personal and spiritual development.

In addition to teaching the importance of humankind-ness, Michael offers proof that within our challenges lie great opportunities for growth and service toward others. Despite a family history of substance abuse, violence, depression, and suicide, he chose a different path, spreading positive energy throughout the world.

Whether Michael is sharing his insights in a classroom, a board room, or onstage in front of thousands of people, his powerful message impacts countless lives each year. His latest books am I being kind and The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone reveal how living from the heart plays a critical role in healing our lives and our planet. Visit Michael’s website at: