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    The Ultimate Magnetic-Power Intensive Quantum Life Coaching Certification - Level 1

    Three-Lesson Online Course with Sandra Anne Taylor
    by Sandra Anne Taylor

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    The Ultimate Magnetic-Power Intensive Quantum Life Coaching Certification - Level 1 by Sandra Anne Taylor

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    Are you tired of the misleading information about attraction? Frustrated with a lack of results? Learn how to finally turn things around in this comprehensive, enlightening, and truly empowering On Demand Online Course by New York Times bestselling author, Sandra Anne Taylor.

    Your powers of consciousness and energy cannot be denied, nor can they be reduced to meaningless clichés! If you want to become a real force in the world, you need practical techniques, reliable information, and the whole, unvarnished truth! When you learn how to separate the facts from the confusing fiction that has built up around the Universal Laws, you can project a magnetic life force that will finally achieve desirable results.

    There are many laws and many attraction factors, so stop blaming yourself! If things haven’t been going as planned, you can still reclaim your power and move through your personal and professional transitions with purpose and success. Life goes through many transformations—in relationships, finances, health, and career—and you can navigate every one!

    • Release your old, self-sabotaging doubts, fears, and desperation.
    • Set yourself on the path of personal empowerment with specific action.
    • Move out of wishful thinking and into clear and focused intentions.
    • Access your spirit’s core vibration and establish a direct pipeline to the blessings and abundance of the energetic realm!

    It’s time to let go of simplistic and superficial approaches! When you learn the whole truth, you can shift your consciousness, reclaim your power, and finally move into the peace and synchronicity that the unlimited Universe has to offer!

    Lesson Overviews:

    Lesson 1: Understanding the Laws—and Letting Go of the Lies
    Contrary to what most people believe, there are many laws of attraction. Today's session examines all of them in a way that will help bring clarity and completion to the pursuit of your goals.

    In this lesson, you will:
    • Find out how all of the laws play out in your life.
    • Learn how to use your powers of energy, consciousness, and intention to activate every law.
    • Clear common misconceptions that may be blocking your way.
    • Experience a powerful holographic visualization for expanded destiny creation.

    Lesson 2: Mastering the Mysteries of Creation
    Many internal, external, and even mystical factors can influence your life experiences. In this lesson, Sandra teaches you about all of the attraction factors and shares valuable techniques to help you master each one.

    In this powerful lesson, you’ll learn:
    • How to work through natural cycles, karmic cycles, and energy patterns.
    • How to release self-defeating energy habits and reverse hidden negativity.
    • How to live your truth and shine an irresistibly honoring vibration!
    • A guided visualization to plant the seeds of future results.

    Lesson 3: The Power of Spirit Assistance and Inspiration!
    What does Spirit have to do with attraction? Everything! In this important session, Sandra teaches you how to access the energy and guidance of your own eternal spirit. You’ll also learn how to receive the unlimited power and wisdom from the Spirit world—including angels, ascended masters, and loved ones in the energetic realm.

    Join Sandra to learn:
    • How to direct your Higher Self to forge positive connections and help accelerate success.
    • How to have spirit carry your intentions and share your vibrations.
    • Powerful yet practical techniques that can gain access to the energetic realm.
    • Inspiring meditation to receive guidance assistance from Spirit.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to join one of the world’s most renowned experts in the field of consciousness and destiny creation. With Sandra’s expert insight, you can shift your energy and align your life force with spirit’s unlimited potential. You’ll be amazed at the wonderful new outcomes that unfold in your life!

    This Online Course provides all three lesson downloads immediately upon purchase.