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The Way of F**k It
Small book. Big Wisdom.
by John C. Parkin
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The Way of F**k It

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Publisher Hay House UK
Publication Date October 2009
ISBN 9781848505131

Product Description

With his first (and bestselling) book, 'F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way', John C. Parkin established that saying 'F**k It' was a spiritual act: helping us let go and realise that things don't matter so much after all.

This book packs a similar punch in wisdom and style, but with fewer words and more illustrations. Full of quick tips with big effects, with lines such as 'Say F**k It to being happy: just doing that will cheer you up no end'.

This is a unique book: quick and easy to read but potentially huge in its effect on people's lives.

About the Author


John C. Parkin said F**k It to his life in London as an advertising executive to set up the holistic centre 'The Hill That Breathes' in Italy with his wife Gaia. John is a longstanding student of shamanism and Chi Kung. He teaches courses on breathing at his beautiful centre set in the Tuscan hills.