The woman who started it all by Louise Hay

    The woman who started it all

    Louise Hay interviewed by Reid Tracy

    by  Louise Hay

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 6/1/11

    ISBN: ZM09

    Version: Unabridged

    "After 26 years together Louise Hay and Hay House President and CEO Reid Tracy sit down for their first ever interview. Join them as they reflect on topics such as the beginning of Louise’s career and hear lively stories about the early days at Hay House. Louise shares her beloved wisdom about learning to love yourself, removing negative thoughts and how if you are willing to change your thinking you can change your life. At 86, Louise is constantly learning new things and staying excited about life and this interview is an up-close and personal view of exactly how she maintains her vibrant lifestyle, including her personal views about good nutrition. She also shares some of her personal affirmations, her wisdom about the importance of forgiveness and tips for removing negative thoughts. You won’t want to miss her advice about how she has relied upon listening to her inner “ding”- the intuition that we all have inside that can guide us to positive change. This interview with the woman who started it all is a highlight of this year’s World Summit!"

    Please note: This interview is from the Hay House World Summit 2013 and will only be available for purchase until June 21, 2013.