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The Work: Who Would You Be Without Your Story?
Byron Katie - On Demand Lecture

Date: 11/11/08 - 12/31/20 Sponsored by: Hay House Format: On Demand Downloads Location: Internet, Hay House Radio $15.00

The Work: Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

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Let Byron Katie Help You Transform Your Painful Feelings and Create the Bliss You Were Born For!

"All the suffering in the world is caused by believing our stressful thoughts," says best-selling author Byron Katie. "Every painful feeling is the result of believing a thought that isn't true for us. Don’t believe me: test this for yourself."

Over the past twenty-two years, Byron Katie has presented this insight, and the process she discovered to identify and question stressful thoughts, to millions of people around the world. Called "The Work," this process, engaged over time, allows you to experience the peace and joy that are the essence of who you really are.

Now is your chance to experience The Work firsthand with Byron Katie herself. In this truly life-changing On Demand Lecture, Katie will lead you through this powerful process of inquiry so you can understand what’s hurting you and address your problems with clarity.

People who do The Work as an ongoing practice report amazing results:
• Alleviation of depression: Find resolution, and even happiness, in situations that were once debilitating.
• Decreased stress: Learn how to live with less anxiety or fear.
• Improved relationships: Experience deeper connection and intimacy with your partner, your parents, your children, your friends, and yourself.
• Reduced anger: Understand what makes you angry and resentful, and become less reactive, less often, with less intensity.
• Increased mental clarity: Live and work more intelligently and effectively, with integrity.
• More energy: Experience a new sense of ongoing vigor and well-being.
• More peace: Discover how to become "a lover of what is."

Whether you’re having difficulties with your relationships, career, or health, or you just can’t seem to release feelings of inferiority, this seminar will help you see your difficulties in an astonishing new light.