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    The Wowzer Bundle

    by Denise Linn
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    The Wowzer Bundle by Denise Linn

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    Publisher Hay House
    Publication Date 4/18/13
    ISBN B297

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    Mystic Cookbook Tradepaper 
    Filled with ancient wisdom, practical advice, intriguing personal anecdotes, vibrant ceremonies, and original dishes lavishly illustrated with color photographs, the Mystic Cookbook brings to life a wealth of recipes and a myriad of experiences from places as far-reaching as Mexico, Italy, Vietnam, France, North Africa, and India as well as from mystical, legendary, and mythic realms.

    Cooking Up a Fabulous Year On Demand
    Join celebrated Hay House Author Denise Linn as she shares little-known secrets to assist you in clearing out your old limiting patterns and uncovering what it is your Soul really wants ... and then hyper-manifesting your dreams so that your coming year can rock!

    Unlock Secret Messages Tradepaper
    All your history and negative programming is lodged in the cells of your body. Using this 28-day jump-start health program-based on Denise's original Soul Coaching® Program-you'll unweave hidden blockages within your DNA to initiate your natural life-force energy and your body's spiritual radiance!

    Unlock Secret Messages On Demand
    In this 28-day adventure, you participate in four special online lessons with Denise to initiate changes in your Energy Body that will powerfully impact your Physical Body.

    Past Lives Present Miracles Tradepaper
    In this book, you'll learn how to travel back to your previous incarnations to release buried obstructions so you can create the miracles in your life that you deserve! It's safe, easy, and fun . . . and anyone can do it!

    Journeys Into Past Lives 2-CD Set
    Listening to this CD program will help you discover the former lives you've shared with loved ones, realize and develop the unknown talents that have been hidden in your psyche, and release blockages in your current life that have a source in the distant past.

    Soul Coaching  On Demand
    In this powerful 28-week program, renowned teacher, healer, and author Denise Linn teaches you how to overcome all your blockages and activate the secret of miracles.

    Soul Coaching Tradepaper
    Soul Coaching is a four-week program dedicated to an in-depth clearing and cleansing of the different aspects of your life: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

    Gateway Oracle Cards
    The Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, founder of the Gateway Dreaming Institute, are the keys to unlocking the ancient wisdom within you. They reveal a wondrous realm where you'll discover what destiny has in store for you and also learn how to give accurate, heartfelt readings to others.

    33 Spirit Journeys 6-CD Set 
    Each meditation and visualization in this remarkable CD program serves a specific purpose, helping you expand your awareness, deepen your intuition, transcend limiting thought patterns, and activate your ability to manifest your dreams.

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    About the Author


    Denise Linn’s personal journey began as a result of a near-death experience at age 17. Her life-changing experiences and remarkable recovery set her on a spiritual quest that led her to explore the healing traditions of many cultures, including those of her own Cherokee ancestors, the Aborigines in the Australian bush, and the Zulus in Bophuthatswana. She trained with a Hawaiian kahuna (shaman), and Reiki Master Hawayo Takata. She was also adopted into a New Zealand Maori tribe. In addition, Denise lived in a Zen Buddhist monastery for more than two years.
    Denise is an internationally renowned teacher in the field of self-development. She’s the author of the bestseller Sacred Space and the award-winning Feng Shui for the Soul, and has written 16 books, which are available in 24 languages. Denise has appeared in numerous documentaries and television shows worldwide, gives seminars on six continents, and is the founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching®, which offers professional certification programs in life coaching. For information about Denise’s certification program and other lectures, please visit her Website:, or write to her at:
    Denise Linn Seminars P.O. Box 759 Paso Robles, California 93447