Transcendance Expanded
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Transcendance Expanded

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Publisher Agape Media
Publication Date 10/11/12
ISBN 978-1-4019-4085-0

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A totally unique, genre-bending collection of songs from Agape founder Michael Bernard Beckwith whose POWERFUL teachings are set to undulating dance music composed by Madonna composer/producer Stephen Bray (Into The Groove, Express Yourself, True Blue). More than inspirational, TranscenDance is non-stop, mind-expanding fun that will shape shift your life with every listen.

Take an adventure in paradise...
Dance to the beauty of your own true nature...
Gain greater insight and understanding of life as you celebrate Spirit with these techno-tribal, ecstatic dance and chill grooves. Guest vocalists include Siedah Garrett, Niki Haris, Sovory and Brenda Lee Eager. 9 high-vibration tracks include 'Adventure in Paradise', 'U R The Answer', 'Let It Be Alright', 'Who Loves You Baby', 'Energetic Shapeshifter', 'Life is Good', 'In This Love Together', 'One Day in Heaven', plus an extraordinary guided meditation 'Mystic Cord of Memory'. Produced by Stephen Bray & John Potoker. Executive Producers: Michael Bernard Beckwith & Stephen Powers.