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The Mindset You Need The Body You Want The Life You Deserve
by Bill Phillips
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Publisher Hay House and Bill Phillips
Publication Date 7/1/10
ISBN 978-1-4019-1176-8

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Mention the name Bill Phillips to any of the million people from all walks of life who are now transformed as a result of the energy, inspiration, and knowledge shared in his #1 New York Times bestseller, Body-for-LIFE, and watch their faces light up with appreciation and pride! Now, Bill Phillips is back . . . with the book that goes beyond Body for Life, to transform your life in 18 short weeks. TRANSFORMATION, Changes the way you think one week at a time, step by step.

Within these pages, Phillips delivers on the title’s promise. In a unique fusion of art, science, common sense, and the wisdom of the life experience itself, TRANSFORMATION illuminates the right way to making significant, meaningful, and healthy changes.

Specifically, Phillips guides readers step-by-step through his Transformation Tenets, which, when practiced daily, “energizes authentic and lasting change, beginning deep within your heart and then radiating out into every aspect of your life, and are reflected in everything you see, do, feel and experience.

Truly . . . the Transformation is the way to change everything; your body, yourself, but only beginning there.”

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New York Times bestselling author, magazine publisher, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, inventor, self-made multimillionaire, motivator: Bill Phillips has thus far proved unstoppable. Now, he has his sights set on scaling what he calls the “Mt. Everest of health and fitness goals”: Transform America from worst to first and make it the healthiest country in the world within 10 years. Described recently by Outside magazine as “the most successful fitness author of all time,” Phillips’ runaway bestseller Body-for-LIFE has sold in excess of 4 million copies. The 12-week guide to achieving mental and physical strength has topped the charts in 11 different countries—including the U.S., England, Japan, Australia, Greece and Finland—and was, in 2004, named among the Top 15 bestselling books of the past decade by USA Today.