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    Ultimate Body Book

    by Linda Shelton
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    Ultimate Body Book by Linda Shelton

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    Publisher Hay House
    Publication Date 12/18/06
    ISBN 1401907091

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    From America’s #1 women’s fitness magazine, with six million readers each issue, comes the Ultimate Body Book, the follow-up to the bestseller Shape Your Life. Linda Shelton, Shape magazine’s fitness director, shows you how to achieve your best body the Shape way. This means getting lean and toned, having high energy, and possessing the head-to-toe confidence that comes from knowing you’re at your personal peak of health and well-being.
    You’ll determine the starting point, assessing your fitness level and goals. Then the Ultimate Body Book serves up state-of-the-art exercise for abs, glutes, legs, arms, and shoulders, and puts them together in total-body workouts for the home and gym. And you’ll get quick routines (10 minutes or less!) to do anywhere. This book also provides you with training tools to boost your workouts, the best fat-burning cardio plans, and specially designed Pilates and yoga programs.
    And what would the ultimate body be without good nutrition? You’ll learn how to lower calories and fat in your diet while increasing your intake of lean protein and fiber. Along with practical shopping tips, recipes, and healthy cooking techniques, you’ll be on the road to looking and feeling great.
    Finally, you’ll learn how to integrate all of this information into a customized one-month schedule of workouts. Complete with expert advice, mistakes to avoid, and full-color instructional photographs that demonstrate proper form, this is the all-inclusive guide to creating your ultimate body-and, of course, shaping your very life!

    398 pages. Full-color photos throughout.

    About the Author


    Linda Shelton has served as the fitness director for Shape magazine for 21 years. She is an internationally recognized fitness trainer, lecturer, and health writer, with 35 years of teaching experience in the exercise field. A frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, Linda has appeared on programs including Good Morning America, E!, and Inside Edition.
    She has worked as a producer, director, fitness consultant/technical advisor, scriptwriter, and/or choreographer for more than 250 fitness videos. Linda enjoys hiking with her two golden retrievers, gardening, dancing, and weight training; and she still teaches yoga, strength, and Pilates classes regularly.