When Everything Changes, Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsch

    When Everything Changes, Change Everything

    In A Time Of Turmoil, A Pathway To Peace

    by  Neale Donald Walsch


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    Publisher: EmNin Book

    Publication Date: 6/22/11

    ISBN: 9781401943974

    Many changes are occurring now in the lives of all of us, but does “change” have to equal “crisis”? No. Not if you have the means with which you can change your experience of change- and that is what you are holding in your hand.

    This is more than a book about change. It’s about how life itself works. It is about the very nature of change- why it happens, how to deal with it, and how to make it be “for the better”. On these pages are Nine Changes That Can Change Everything.

    Is it possible that what you are about to read has come to at the right and perfect time…?