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    Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One

    And While You’re at It, Change the World!
    by Wendy Robbins
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    Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One by Wendy Robbins

    Publisher: 20th Century Fox

    Publication Date: 11/1/10

    ISBN: 9780578055916

    Product Description

    If you like Oprah, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, 4-Hour Work Week, Science of Mind, and are drawn to law-of-attraction work, you will absolutely love this book!

    Stop complaining about money and create a revolution! The problem most people have right now is not having enough balance, fulfillment, or money -- can you relate? Fifty percent of all divorces are about money; 95 percent of all people over 65 in the USA will be broke. If you keep doing what you've been doing, will you be able to retire with the lifestyle you dream of?
    That is what this book is about.

    Wendy Robbins went from having $10,000 of credit-card debt to making millions with The Tingler head massager. She and her partner made a lot of mistakes; and had no mentor, clients, system, or experience. She failed many times, so if she can do it, you can do it, too! Now you don't have to waste time or money, because Wendy will be your coach and show you how to develop a million-dollar mind-set!

    The first half of this book is about how to master this mind-set--how to create the wow of now, and how to live and love richly. Wendy will show you how to make money doing what you love. You will also discover how to overcome your fears and doubts, improve your leadership skills, and live like a millionaire even if you're broke.

    The second half of the book is full of practical, proven, step-by-step million-dollar systems that will teach you how to make money and how to pitch your ideas to buyers and investors so they beg you to do business with them. Would you like to know those secrets? Then start reading . . . now!

    About the Author


    Wendy Robbins went from $10,000 debt to make millions by co-inventing and marketing The Tingler head massager. She is a leading expert in the world on mastering the millionaire mindset, and how to manufacture and market ideas to millions. She stars in an upcoming TV series with Kelly Ripa, showing women how to manufacture, distribute and pitch her invention to HSN. The show airs on TLC in September 2010.
    Wendy's book, "Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One! (And While You're At It, Change The World!" is coming out September 7, 2010. There is a physical book and a personalized ebook available that includes the readers name.
    She also is in a movie based on the classic book, "Think and Grow Rich." The film is called, "Awaken Your Riches!" It is similar to The Secret and distributed Fall of 2010 by the people who published, "The Secret." (Still a best selling book.) Loving diversity Wendy attended The Juilliard School for acting, directed and produced reality films and TV shows for 13 years winning 2 Emmy's and nominated for a 3rd. She is a member of the Director's Guild, Screen Actor's Guild, AFTRA. Her art and photography have recently shown in galleries. She hosted a weekly radio show, "As You Wish!" for almost 3 years reaching half a million+ people, interviewing millionaires and Spiritual leaders. She has been on Montel, CNN, QVC, hundreds of local news shows, thousands of radio shows. She will be seen been on stage in front of 10,000 to 20,000 women per venue for an 18 city tour - Aug. 2010 to Dec. 2010. You can hire her to speak to your company or to coach your group by reaching her at