Yes, You Can Be a Successful Income Investor! by Ben Stein

    Yes, You Can Be a Successful Income Investor!

    Reaching for Yield in Today's Market

    by  Ben Stein, Phil DeMuth

    eBooks 14.95 USD $14.95

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 2/1/06

    ISBN: 9781401933333

    With the bursting of the stock market bubble, and after 13 rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, yields on CDs and money market funds tread at historic lows-a negative return after inflation. Gone are the days when investors could earn 5 percent interest, risk-free. With smaller savings coupled with lower returns on what savings remain, retirees and others living on fixed-income investments watch in horror as their income checks shrink with each passing month.

    However, there are investments that still earn a significant rate of return-and do so reliably and consistently. These fixed-income securities include bonds, real estate investment trusts, preferred stock, emerging market debt, and annuities, among others. They earn the kind of returns that baby boomers and the retirement community need in the same way they need to draw breath, yet hardly anyone knows anything about them.

    As 70 million Americans reach retirement age in the next 15 years, fixed-income investing will become a sociologically inevitable mega trend. Yes, You Can Be a Successful Income Investor! shows you how you can safely secure the highest possible yield from your savings, even in a treacherous investment environment.