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We are among the first generations of women who have the ability to be or do anything we want. We are stronger and smarter…yet we are stuck between what we could be and what we think we should be. We’re grasping to attain our ideal of beauty with the belief that if we could just find the right hairstyle or finally fit into the right fashions, everything else in our lives would fall in place.

In this On Demand Seminar, celebrity makeup artist and life coach Michelle Phillips helps you make the connection between your outer appearance and your deep inner self. By doing so, and expressing it in all of your everyday actions and choices, you’ll radiate a beauty that can’t be outmatched. Drawing from the powerful concepts in her new book, The Beauty Blueprint, Michelle teaches you how to rediscover and define who you are on the inside and what you most want out of life, so you can reveal to the world what makes you uniquely beautiful. This is the basis of the Beauty Blueprint. Every woman has one, but not every woman recognizes what hers contains.

In this enlightening online seminar, Michelle gives you the keys to unlock your true beauty; a plan, support, and inspiration. With her powerful insight, you’ll learn:

• How to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.
• How to assess where you are now and where you want to go in life.
• Steps to build a life and look according to your core values.
• Why overcoming your fears is essential to your beauty.
• The importance of building the support system for positive growth.
• How to radiate your beauty by creating your own personal style.
• And much more!

By creating and living your unique Blueprint you can bring a lasting, transformational beauty to your life and look. You will be more confident about who you are, what you stand for, and where you are headed. You’ll walk out the door every day with your head held high. The blueprinting process will also assist in aligning your core values with your personal and professional relationships to ensure that your beautiful qualities are working towards your greater good.

Isn’t it time to get clear on YOUR Beauty Blueprint?