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    Zodiac Baby Names

    The Complete Book of Baby Names Defined by Star Sign
    by Russell Grant
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    Zodiac Baby Names by Russell Grant

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    Publisher Hay House
    Publication Date 10/13/09
    ISBN 9781401926830

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    Choosing your baby's name is incredibly important, as the name carries a unique weight and meaning that the girl or boy will carry for life. The meaning of a name is often the reason behind the choice, but what about other more fascinating influences? Astrology has helped shape and guide us for millennia, and can even reveal hidden aspects of our potential and personality. The stars are able to give a fresh dimension to our names, so selecting one isn't the exclusive reserve of the newly born, but is for adults, too!

    If you're looking for a name to suit your child (or even yourself!), this comprehensive A-Z guide from Russell Grant is ideal. Arranged by sun sign, with a special appendix covering the planetary rulers, it has everything you need to decide on the right name to bring out the best in your baby or you, including:
    • A special fact file for each zodiac sign
    • How the planets influence every name
    • Thousands of names from around the world

    Choosing your baby's name has never been so much fun!

    About the Author


    Russell Grant is one of the U.K.’s most popular astrologers and media personalities. Renowned for his knowledge of astrology spanning 40 years, and his Aquarian charm and charisma, he burst into the media with dozens of TV and radio programs across the world, and hundreds of magazine and newspaper columns. Russell was the first BBC astrologer, and the first Internet astrologer on AOL. Website: