A Course in Having Enough: How to Wire Yourself For Ultimate Financial Abundance by Kate Northrup

    A Course in Having Enough: How to Wire Yourself For Ultimate Financial Abundance

    by  Kate Northrup

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    Do you feel like no matter what you do, you end up feeling like there’s not enough money to cover your bills, do the things you want to do, or feel secure? Have you tried penny pinching and just ended up feeling deprived AND like there’s not enough money? Do you crave being able to make plenty of money doing the things you love but you just don’t know how to make that happen? Do you feel bad about past financial decisions you’ve made and feel like they’re still haunting you?

    Let’s face it, we’ve all beaten ourselves up about our finances, but let me ask you: How’s that working for you?

    The truth is that in every economic climate there are those who thrive and there are those who struggle. What’s the difference between these types of people? How can you learn to be one of those who thrive no matter what?

    It comes down to having enough.

    But having enough doesn’t just have to do with the number in your bank account. In fact, the feeling of having enough often has very little to do with your net worth, your income, or your expenses. The feeling of having enough comes from a much deeper place.

    A Course in Having Enough will teach you how to access this deep, unlimited well of plenty no matter what’s going on in the economy or your bank account.

    Join Kate Northrup for this 2-hour audio download that will teach you a way to approach your finances that will yield better, more sustainable results than traditional approaches to money you may have tried in the past.

    Guest Panel:

    • Celebrated spiritual teacher and best-selling author, Marianne Williamson
    • Financial expert, Barbara Stanny
    • Founder/CEO of Daily Worth, Amanda Steinberg

    This course will teach you:

    • How to thrive in any economic climate
    • What love has to do with money and how to use the connection to make more money, pay off debt, and become an amazing money manager
    • Practical, no-nonsense ways to feel more free around your money immediately
    • A method of living within your means that feels luxurious instead of like deprivation
    • A shame-free approach to getting honest with yourself about money
    • A way to tune your awareness to the right station so that you see money making opportunities everywhere
    • An experience of relief that comes from having clarity and power in your financial life
    • How you can make plenty of money and still love what you do
    • The steps you can start taking to live life the way you know you were meant to live it - no holds-barred and full out

    This 2-hour audio download is the perfect complement to Kate Northrup’s new book, Money: A Love Story.

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