A Course in Miracles Made Easy Online Course by Alan Cohen

    A Course in Miracles Made Easy Online Course

    by  Alan Cohen

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    6-Lesson Online Course with Alan Cohen

    Transform Your Life with A Course in Miracles—in Six Easy Lessons

    With millions of copies in print, A Course in Miracles has inspired countless people worldwide to transform their lives from fear to love, blame to forgiveness, and brokenness to wholeness. Now it’s your turn.

    This online course will help you master A Course in Miracles, whether you want a definitive roadmap to healing your relationships, restoring your health, removing blocks to prosperity, or finding inner peace—or you just want answers to life’s most burning questions.

    Online Video Course Includes:

    • Over 8 hours of video that straightforwardly takes you through the essential teachings of this life-changing text
    • Deep spiritual guidance on how to heal your relationships, remove blocks to prosperity, restore your health and well-being, and find happiness and inner peace
    • Tons of practical examples and real-life applications that you can use immediately
    • Exclusive audio and video content from the Foundation for Inner Peace, the official ACIM organization
    • Downloadable PDFs to rev up your understanding of the Course

    Do You Feel Daunted or Overwhelmed by A Course in Miracles
    At More Than 1,300 Pages, It Has That Effect on People—You’re Not Alone. But Now You Can Master Its Transformational Teachings in Six Easy Lessons!

    Since its publication over four decades ago, A Course in Miracles has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Its healing power is undeniable to those who encounter it, and it’s inspired countless people to create lives based in love and forgiveness rather than anxiety and blame. It is arguably one of the most significant spiritual texts in human history.

    But even for the most devoted student, A Course in Miracles can be difficult. Its obscure principles and lofty language can make it hard to grasp, and its length is daunting. Not surprisingly, it’s often referred to as the most widely purchased—but never read—book in existence today.

    But yet, people keep coming back to it. Again, and again, and again.

    Why is that?

    Because once you start seeing your life transformed by its message, there is no going back.

    But let’s back up. Perhaps you’ve dabbled in A Course in Miracles yourself. Maybe you’re even a long-time student of the Course. Or, like many people, maybe you’ve been curious about it for a while now but just haven’t had the time or direction to undertake it. No matter where you stand, if you’ve read this far, there’s no doubt that you’re curious about the life-changing benefits A Course in Miracles can offer you.

    “On the other side of the door is heaven.”

    Alan Cohen

    Whether you want to heal your relationships, restore your health, remove blocks to prosperity, or return to joy, A Course in Miracles can lead you there.

    Or perhaps you just want answers to life’s most burning questions, such as “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?” or “Why isn’t my life working?” and “Why can’t I ever get what I want?” The Course can help you find an answer.

    It gives you a path to true happiness and inner peace, free of any belief system or theology. And although it is written in Christian terminology, it goes far beyond any formal religion.

    In this premier online program—intended for both newcomers and dedicated students alike—you’ll not only enrich your understanding of the Course but also learn it easily and at an even deeper level. In six straightforward, practical lessons, you’ll discover the big-picture themes of A Course in Miracles from one of its leading teachers, Alan Cohen, who expertly guides you in demystifying it with down-to-earth examples and practices that you can use right away. He’ll also help you decipher its most popular and challenging passages, understand its most powerful (and sometimes controversial) lessons, and shift your identity at the core.



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    “You have the power to live in the reality of your choosing…
    regardless of what other people are choosing for themselves. ”

    —Alan Cohen

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: A Gift to Humanity: What Is ACIM?

    In the decades since its publication, A Course in Miracles has captured the hearts of millions worldwide; its healing power is undeniable to those who encounter it. But all too often, people give up studying ACIM, whether due to its lofty language, esoteric principles, or simply their own resistance. In Lesson 1, Alan dives into what ACIM is—and what it isn’t. Dispelling misconceptions about the Course, he lays out how ACIM came to be, reveals its basic themes and principles, and shares the practical results and benefits from using it. He also highlights the ongoing choice we have between love and fear—the “only two emotions in human existence”—and how we can discern those two voices, and explains why reality is the total inverse of what we’ve been taught.

    Lesson 2: Take Your Power Back

    A key theme throughout A Course in Miracles is that of projection. “We see the world through the filter of our own perceptions,” Alan says, but the world in and of itself is neutral, a blank screen. In Lesson 2, Alan explores the critical importance of taking our power back by recognizing that we weaken ourselves by projecting attributes onto others, and strengthen ourselves by reeling in our projections. You’ll also learn about ACIM’s unique understanding of forgiveness; how to use forgiveness to release yourself from mental, emotional, and physical pain; and how to create miracles by shifting your perception. As Alan says, “When you take 100 percent responsibility for what you’ve created, you gain 100 percent of the power to create something new.”

    Lesson 3: Creating Relationships That Work

    The heart of A Course in Miracles is about healing our relationships. Whether for a moment, a year, or a lifetime, every relationship—romantic or not—is an opportunity to give and receive love as well as shine a light on the illusions that have kept us in pain. In Lesson 3, Alan shares ACIM’s unique definition of “special” and “holy” relationships. He helps you identify special relationships (those in which you give your power away) and recognize their cost, and then he gives you the specific skills and tools you can use to transform special relationships into holy relationships, which are based on wholeness, kindness, and mutual support. And the best part? “You have the power to change your relationship,” Alan says, “without waiting for the other person to do something different.”

    Lesson 4: Healing from the Inside Out

    Healing is one of the most significant themes in A Course in Miracles, and perhaps one of the most controversial too. Although we commonly attribute healing powers to external sources (whether that be techniques or tools, methods or medical doctors), the real power to heal actually lies in our own minds, the source of all experience—and nowhere else. As Alan says, “the healer lives inside you.” In Lesson 4, he covers what it takes to be healed, how to make peace with our bodies and tap into healing from within, and why love is the ultimate healer. Healing can, in fact, be instantaneous if you let it; you need only choose to be well and recognize the presence of love right where you stand.

    Lesson 5: Living the Course in Daily Activity

    “There lives in every human being, a guru,” Alan says, “a wise sage that…has the power to deliver to you all the wisdom you need to navigate your life or make any decision in any given moment.” In this powerful lesson, you’ll discover how easy it is to connect with guidance and walk an effortless path through life. Alan shares how struggle is not a requirement on the spiritual path and explores how to move from a struggle mentality to one of ease—explaining why “ease is one of the most powerful ways to let blessings in.” He also addresses how to deal with resistance and rise above it, and discusses our capacity to tap into the abundant nature of the universe by recognizing the presence of enough.

    Lesson 6: Becoming a Miracle Worker

    A Course in Miracles calls us all miracle workers; in fact, we each take turns both needing and offering miracles, whether we realize it or not. In this final lesson, you’ll explore the deepest and richest principles of miracles and learn how to use ACIM to create miraculous transformations in your everyday life. This lesson includes the powerful Healer’s Prayer—how to use it and benefit from it—and illuminates our way to move away from the illusion of death to the eternality of life. It closes with a beautiful meditation of light, energy, and expansion, so that you can amplify the light of the universe and send it out to everything and everyone in existence.

    Bonuses: Bonuses and In-Course Webinar

    Meditation to Heal Relationships

    This soothing meditation will take you on a journey to heal your relationships. Before you begin, prepare to call to mind someone with whom you’d like to either have a deeper and more rewarding bond or experience greater love and peace. Alan will then guide you to mentally meet with this person in a special healing space and open your heart to true healing. This powerful, restorative journey is a gift both to yourself and to the person you have in mind, and it will help you move on with your life in a way that’s empowering, loving, and free.

    Favorite Principles of Miracles

    In this special audio bonus, Alan goes into depth on his most favorite of the first 50 principles of miracles that open the text of ACIM. Some of these you might recognize from the lessons, and others will be completely new; in either case, you will come away with a deeper understanding of the miraculous. As Alan says, “If you could really grasp even one of them deeply, you would master the entire Course in Miracles—that’s how powerful they are.”

    Compelling Questions from the Teacher’s Manual

    In this special audio bonus, Alan tackles two of the most popular and mystifying questions from the teacher’s manual of ACIM: “How is healing accomplished?” (aka: “Who is the physician?”) and “How will the world end?” Although these topics were touched upon in the lessons, they’re so important to ACIM students’ understanding that Alan has devoted an entire audio to explaining them in depth.

    By Sheryl on Oct 03, 2018

    Was disappointed this course didn't go into more actual learning. This is more of a summary

    By Sayaka on Jul 21, 2018

    I felt Alan's peaceful and calming energy from online videos beyond time and space. It healed me deeply and up lifted my energy very much. It also very helpful to understand complicated theory of ACIM, to use it everyday life. Thank you very much Alan.