Adventures of the Soul by James Van Praagh

    Adventures of the Soul

    Journeys Through The Physical and Spiritual Dimensions

    by  James Van Praagh

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    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 9/9/14

    ISBN: 9781401944704

    This is one journey that will force you to look at life and death in a completely different light!

    “Because the soul’s true nature is love, if we stray from that motivation, we will never feel at ease. Choices based on fear leave us drifting aimlessly, always in search of our hearts’ desires and never finding them.” –James Van Praagh

    An Adventure of the Soul is a manual for anyone who has ever questioned where they come from, why they are here, and where they go after they die. Sharing his intuitive experiences of communicating with the Spirit World for the past 30 years, internationally renowned medium James Van Praagh takes you on a spiritual sojourn to discover the unique design of your very own soul and explore its various adventures as it travels between worlds.

    Be gently guided through exercises that open up your mind to your soul’s unbounded wisdom and gain a bigger perspective on life and a better grasp of your significant part in it.

    James, one of the world’s most celebrated and respected spiritual teachers, offers an extensive look at various incarnations of our being (Soul, Spirit, and Spiritual Realms) while also offering in depth exercises to:
    • Discover Your Souls’ Specific Lessons
    • Evaluate and find patterns in your choices
    • Listen to your soul’s voice
    • Reclaim your joy

    Are you ready to learn your souls’ lessons?
    Discover and recognize your soul lessons you came to Earth to learn, such as sorrow, forgiveness, grief, compassion, and joy. By using the tools in Adventures of the Soul, you’ll identify your soul’s intricacies and start to live a truly soul-full life by following the path of love.


    "I recently saw James Van Praagh at a live mediumship demonstration in Newburyport, Massachusetts where he gave random readings to audience members from stage. Even though I have researched psychic mediums since 1999 and tested hundreds of psychic mediums from around the world, I was absolutely blown away by Van Praagh's readings that evening. In fact, I have never seen a better reading than what I witnessed on that stage when Van Praagh connected with a young girl in spirit with such clarity and details--all which were confirmed as correct by her parents in the audience. Even the skeptics in attendance were in complete awe."
    - Bob Olson

    “James Van Praagh is without a doubt one of the most gifted mediums on the planet at this time.”
    —Brian Weiss, MD, author of Many Lives, Many Masters

    “Van Praagh has changed people’s lives, banished the fear of death, and brought grieving parents the solace of their dead children’s presence….It is impossible not to be moved.”

    “James leads you on a journey that will make you question what you think you know about heaven and the afterlife.”
    —John Edwards, host of Crossing Over

    “James inspires us to look beyond what’s in front of us. With an open mind and heart, you can truly learn what his life and gift teaches.”
    —Jennifer Love Hewitt