The Affirmations Coloring Book

    by  Louise Hay

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    Publisher: Hay House, Inc.

    Publication Date: 10/8/15

    ISBN: 9781401950507

    World-famous teacher Louise Hay has already helped millions of people to free themselves from the cycles of fear, stress, and guilt that limit our lives. Now, in this first ever affirmations coloring book, Louise combines the life-changing powers of affirmations with the profound positive effects of creativity. This unique combination will enable readers to start creating deep shifts in their lives.

    This stunning coloring book, in collaboration with Alberta Hutchinson, features 44 affirmations, each coupled with an exquisite illustration and decorative border. Coloring these in and focusing on the affirmation at the same time encourages our minds to put attention on what we truly desire in life. What's more, through creative right-brain activity, we tap into our subconscious, and therefore all transformations through this process are even more effective and long-lasting.

    For all those who want to take their work with affirmations to a new level through an enjoyable, relaxing and meditative activity.

    About the Author


    Alberta Hutchinson’s life journey since childhood has been filled with all kinds of art, as well as spiritual awareness—which was greatly expanded after a life-changing trip to India. In mid-life, after her fourth bout of cancer, Alberta reached a turning point. “I felt I had two choices: I could either kill myself or do something absolutely wonderful.” Then an idea struck her like lightning: “Rabindranath Tagore’s Fireflies—I’ll illustrate it!”

    Alberta went on to publish many of her healing images and poetic philosophies. In 2007 she formed her own company, Home Made Books. She has published dozens of design books—covering mandalas, fabrics, wallpapers, and rugs—as well as illustrated poetry and books of healing. “I know firsthand that art has the power to heal—it healed me. And books are magical worlds that can take you on journeys to limitless creative dimensions. Everything carries motion and energy, joins and separates, dances and sings, and is born, grows, and dies. All of existence is connected, sacred and divine—being limited in form and time, but limitless and endless in essence.”

    By Yvonne on Sep 05, 2016

    There are so many coloring books out there these days but very few that make such wonderful statements of truth. I gave this as a gift and it was so appreciated and of course ends up being the gift that keeps on giving! Each day that it is used, it makes me smile to know that the person using it is guaranteed positivity for that day! Love it!

    By Kathryn on Jul 28, 2016

    I love the intricate designs and positive affirmations within this beautiful coloring book. Louise Hay's words are comforting, and when I'm coloring I find my worries and cares fall away while I meditate on her positive words of affirmation. Highly recommend!