Angel Dreams Interpretation by Doreen Virtue

    Angel Dreams Interpretation

    by  Doreen Virtue, Melissa Virtue

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    Publisher: Hay House, Inc.

    ISBN: ZJ98

    Version: Unabridged

    Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue (co-author of the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards and dream interpretation expert) will guide you across the threshold of dreamtime to unlock the messages of your dreams. You will learn how to connect with the angels of dreamtime, techniques for dream recall and how to interpret the messages of your dreams. Upon completion of this course, you will know how to use the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards for dream interpretation and daily guidance.

    Angel Dreams

    Red Lesson 1: Dreams Are Angel Messengers
    Dreams hold powerful messages in the form of symbols. These symbolic messages are brought to us by our dream guide and the angels. In this lesson, Doreen and Melissa will discuss where dreams come from, who to call upon for dream guidance, the Angels associated with dreams, basic dream symbols and colors. You will also experience a meditation to meet your Dream Guide.
    Topics will include:
    -Where Dreams Come From
    -Who to Call Upon for Dream Guidance
    -Angels Associated with Dreams
    -Basic Dream Symbols

    Lucid Dream Lesson 2: Various Types of Dreams and How to Recognize Them
    Our dreams arrive in many forms each night. Doreen and Melissa will discuss the various types of dreams and how to recognize them.
    The types of dreams include:
    -Flying Dreams
    -Astral Traveling
    -Mirror Dreams
    -Awake Dreams (Day Dreaming)
    -Nightmares (and how NOT to have them) and more!

    Hawthorne Lesson 3: What Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You
    Dreams can be enhanced by various tools and techniques. Doreen and Melissa will discuss the helpers of dreamtime, such as crystal and herbs. You will learn how to set up your dream chamber and techniques for dream recall.
    Topics will include:
    -Dream Crystals and Herbs
    -Setting Up Dream Chamber
    -Techniques for Dream Recall

    New Moon Lesson 4: Angel Dreams Oracle Cards
    Moon phases, the seasons and food open the doorway to deeper meaning. Doreen and Melissa will discuss how our dreams are influenced. You will also learn why creatively expressing yourself is important to your dreams. This lesson will conclude with you understanding how to fully use your cards.
    Topics will include:
    -Black and White Dreaming
    -Moon Phases

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    By natasha on Sep 20, 2016

    A great class taught by Doreen and Melissa Virtue.During the class you learn about the colors and symbols you may find in your dreams,as well as the archangels who can help you during dream time which are archangel,michael,raziel and metaron mostly.They also talk about certain crystals that help as well as other great tools that help during dreamtime as well.People also called in during the class and have whatever their question was answered.Toward the end of the class Doreen and Melissa talk about their Angel Dreams card deck and do a few of the spreads that are in the enclosed booklet with the card deck.It is a great class I highly recommed it if you are wanting to know more about doing dream work.

    By natasha on Sep 20, 2016

    Had the honor of winning this class and even if I didn't I would still enjoy the class.I learned alot.I may take time again sometime soon to listen to it again it's soo fun and interesting.I found out alot about dreams not just about symbols and the meaning of dreams,but the archangels to call on to help you to stay safe and protected during dream time mostly archangel michael and practicular archangels for example archangel raziel for a dream that not only may have a past life in it but one you can learn from as well give you answers to help you solve something going on in your life,calling on metatron can help with that as well.People called in Melissa and Doreen got their questions answered reguarding dreams which is also helpful and you also get the chance to practice with Doreen and Melissa's Angel Dreams card deck as well.It's a wonderful class and I highly reccommed it.