Angel Kids by Jacky Newcomb

    Angel Kids

    Enchanting Stories of True-Life Guardian Angels and “Sixth Sense” Abilities in Children

    by  Jacky Newcomb

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 1/7/09

    ISBN: 9781401922856

    This delightful book reveals the amazing encounters that children have with their guardian angels and loved ones on the Other Side, as well as fascinating insights into the lives of psychic children . . . and the parents who have to cope with this phenomenon.

    As you read, you’ll discover:
    • Grandparents who regularly visit their grandkids—from the Other Side!
    • Kids with extraordinary abilities, including mind-reading and the power to move objects with their thoughts alone.
    • Young children who remember a life before they were born.
    • The mother who lost a son who was later reborn as her grandson.
    • The thousands of brilliant children whom the authorities have labeled as “learning disabled.”

    Thousands of children the world over are being born with enhanced sixth-sense abilities. Psychic kids are the new “normal”!