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audio downloads

After purchasing an Audio Download, you may access it by:

  • Clicking on the Order Receipt page
  • Clicking through the e-mail sent to your Customer Account e-mail address
  • Logging into your Hay House Customer Account and navigating to the Digital Downloads section at left. Click on the Access Content or View Details link associated with your purchase.

Our Audio Downloads allow you to listen again and again by downloading the file directly to your desktop. To access your Audio Download, click on the Access Content link in your order confirmation email or by clicking on the "Digital Library" link in the left sidebar of your My Account area.

To download audios, click on the download icon on the right side of the media player. Example:

Please note: Currently, downloads for Hay House Audiobooks are not supported on Kindle devices. Please check back for future updates.

Firewalls and security programs installed on your network may prevent you from listening to downloads.

Contact Hay House Customer Care for additional help.