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Ahlea Khadro

Ahlea Khadro

Ahlea Khadro is the founder and owner of Soulstice, a Center for Optimal Living & Rehabilitaion through yoga, reformer pilates, Meditative Practices & Nutrition. She specializes in Visceral Manipulation, Cranio- Sacral, Holistic & Nutritive Support, Emotional Release Techniques and EMF Remediation. At an early age Ahlea could see the stories that lie beneath the surface of people's lives and under the layers of the human body. Coupled with a deep desire to serve others, Ahlea's quest to translate these stories into healing protocols took her on a colorful, dynamic and unconventional path to mastering the healing process. From mainstream hospital settings to the feet of Yogic Masters, Ahlea's unique path has allowed her to see new ways to heal your body and life. In her first book, Health As We See It: Tips for Exceptional Living, Ahlea joins Louise Hay in unlocking the simple mysteries of the human body and delivering practical tips for your health and well being. She lives and gardens in San Diego with her human and furry family.

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