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Andrea Gardner

Andrea Gardner
Andrea Gardner is a writer and online content specialist with more than 10 years’ experience of shaping compelling copy for web pages, email campaigns and online features. She started her career in newspaper marketing and features writing before migrating online and establishing Purplefeather in 2003. Clients as diverse as Hilton International, BBC Scotland, Macdonald Hotels and the National Australia Banking Group have reaped the benefits of her optimised copy-crafting and glowing testimonials from New Zealand dentists, Belgian diamond merchants, New York denim designers, Maldivian five-star hotels and Canadian fashion retailers grace her inbox. Words are her friends. She spends a lot of time alternately loving them, hating them, wrestling and playing with them, all in the name of developing a meaningful relationship. Most of all she enjoys pulling them back into shape when they’ve lost their way…they often return the favour. Andrea passionately believes in her motto <i>‘Change Your Words; Change Your World’</i>and retrained as a Heal Your Life workshop leader in 2006, so that she could help more people re-shape their inner dialogues and take back the reins of their lives. She runs regular self-development workshops in the UK and has recently delivered corporate seminars in London, Cairo and Scotland.

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