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Dr. Mitchell Yass

Dr. Mitchell Yass
Dr. Mitchell Yass has spent the past 29 years developing his method of diagnosing and treating the cause, not the symptom, of pain. His method, often called the Yass Method, is based on carefully interpreting the patient’s symptoms, not the use of diagnostic tests. He has helped many thousands of patients resolve their pain and helped thousands of others avoid unnecessary surgery. Dr. Yass believes that his effective, noninvasive methodology should be the first treatment provided to patients suffering with pain rather than the traditional, expensive, and often-ineffective treatments including MRIs, pain medication, and surgery. He is determined to change the way pain is treated. When Dr. Yass is not providing care, he enjoys weightlifting, golf, and spending time with his daughter. Dr. Yass received a doctorate in physical therapy from New York Institute of Technology. He author the book, “The Pain Cure Rx” in 2015 and “The Yass Method For Pain-Free Movement” in 2018, both published by Hay House. He performed a PBS special called “The Pain Prescription” which aired in 2015-2017.

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