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Elaine Ph.D., N.C., M.A., Wilkes

Elaine Ph.D., N.C., M.A., Wilkes
Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D., N.C., M.A., LEED, a self-proclaimed “learning addict” ultimately discovered that the answers to most of life’s questions are ingeniously revealed in Nature.

Elaine refreshingly combines her Ph.D. in naturopathy (alternative medicine), a master’s degree in psychology, her work as a nutritionist, and a LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation to speak on integrating your mind/body/ soul/ environment connection with Nature’s genius. She skillfully merges her acting background (she has appeared in numerous television shows and movies, and in more than 70 TV commercials) with her vast knowledge, enthusiasm, and imaginative insights to give uplifting and inspiring presentations.

She has a private practice as a health and life counselor/motivator, and also trains people to easily pass their LEED™ exams by using the curiosity techniques discussed in her book Nature’s Secret Messages.