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    Heidi Martin

    From a young age Heidi was introduced to Louise Hay’s philosophy from her Mom and always felt a strong connection and belief with Louise’s teachings. She trained as a Heal Your Life workshop leader in 2011 and a Heal Your Life coach in 2012. Since then she has led numerous HYL workshops and coached many clients. Heidi is thrilled to be bringing this training to Canada. She loves teaching self-love, empowerment, financial abundance and how to raise your frequency. Heidi loves working with youth and teens helping support self-image and self-esteem. Her passion in life is to empower people to love themselves and awaken to their true authentic spirit. Living in the now, becoming aware and full of gratitude are some of her keys to success. Her motto is,” Invest in your life and always know YOU are worth it”!! For more information about the training, go to the website:

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