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James Bremner

James Bremner
James Bremner grew up in an orderly suburb of London and now lives in the wilds of West Cork in Ireland, the land of his father. He went up to Cambridge University to read Classics and ended up with a degree in English Literature, from which he developed a deep love of poetry, especially that of the Romantics and modern greats such as W.B Yeats, T.S. Eliot and Ted Hughes. After graduation, he engaged in a variety of jobs, including teaching English on the island of Crete, working as a lexicographer on an English-language dictionary, and freelancing in the book publishing industry. He now teaches creative writing, writes on spiritual subjects, including for the radio, and gives talks. James has had a deep interest in spirituality from an early age, which may partly stem from his father’s family’s long line of Church of Ireland ministers and his mother’s family’s association with spiritualism and the Society of Friends. James sees himself as a spiritual seeker, exploring different spiritual traditions, from the teachings of Plato to J. Krishnamurti. He strongly believes that spirituality and mysticism should not be divorced from the business of everyday living – or, as Keats said, ‘the vale of soul making’ – and can help us cope with life more effectively. The Power of Then is the fruit of this conviction.

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