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Jan Tober

Jan Tober
The phone crackled one early morning in Jan Tober's life: "This is Benny Goodman," the voice said. "You come very highly recommended and I want to hire you, but I've never heard you sing. Can you hum something for me?" Such is the stuff that fairy tales are made of - at least for a girl jazz singer! But this call was simply one of many that had already marked an amazing career for Jan, which included touring with the Four Freshmen and of course, noted bandleader Benny Goodman, and doing shows with Rowan & Martin and even Bob Hope. Aside from being a talented vocalist, Jan is also an extraordinary design artist, with paintings, clothing and jewelry for sale in galleries and boutiques in several states. Jan has been an active Metaphysician all of her life and using this, plus her profound experience in music, she now concentrates her efforts in the goal of changing lives through sound and color. Her "Sound/Color" workshops are a featured part of the Kryon seminars worldwide, as well as her guided meditations. Besides traveling the world with the Kryon work, Jan was also presented three time at the United Nations in New York City. Together, Jan and Lee Carroll have written the bestselling books The Indigo Children, and An Indigo Celebration.

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