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Juliet Diaz

Juliet Diaz
Juliet Diaz is a hereditary Witch from a long line of Witch Healers from Cuba (with indigenous roots). She is the owner of November Sage Apothecary and the online November Sage Herbarium - A Witch Healers' School. Juliet is a Healer, seer, and herbalist, and she holds a Master of Science in Herbal Medicine. She is known for her abilities as a natural healer and her gift of communicating with plants, trees, and nature spirits. Juliet was born with extrasensory abilities, and signs of her natural gifts, including healing, energy reading, and communication with spirit and other realms, shone through from the age of three. She believes that Magick lives within us all and feels passionate about bringing truth into the world and inspiring others to step into their power.

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