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Katherine Blanc

Katherine Blanc
Katherine Blanc has spent most of her life surrounded by cartoons and other interesting characters. Her father-in-law was the late Mel Blanc, known as the “man of 1000 voices” including most of the Looney Tunes® characters for Warner Bros. Her husband, Noel Blanc, carries on his father’s tradition.<br> Katherine’s has a passion for words and imagery. She is the author of <i>The Bad Puppy's Guide to Life</i> and <i>The Bad Kitty's Guide to Life</i> (Sourcebooks, Inc.), <i>Today</i> (BCC Press), <i>Big Bear Historical Museum Coloring Book</i> (Big Bear Valley Historical Society), <i>Gold Mountain Girl</i> (Grizzly Publishing), and <i>Cliff the Climber </i>(Mirror Publishing). She is also a designer and producer of limited-edition greeting cards. Katherine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication. She lives in Southern California.

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