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Lisa Selow

Lisa Selow
<p>Lisa Marie Selow is a life coach and modern mystic, specializing in liberating women&rsquo;s courage and authenticity. Lisa has worked in the healing arts since 1998, with prior career paths as a massage therapist, energy worker, and intuitive advisor. As a musician, her life has been influenced heavily by music and its various countercultures throughout history. She says, &ldquo;I bring a little bit of sass and spunk, glitter and glam, leather, rock and roll wisdom, punk rock attitude, mixed with generous helpings of love and laughter to the spiritual and self-help fields.&rdquo; Lisa has a passion for guiding women in turning around the pain of their life stories into positive, healing, triumphant transformations of body, mind, and spirt. Her self-help book, <em>A Rebel Chick Mystic&rsquo;s Guide</em> is available from Hay House, Inc. Lisa lives in the metro Detroit, Michigan area with her husband JT, along with some electric guitars and friendly, outdoor squirrels. You can find out more about her at her website:<a href="http://www.lisaselow.com" target="_blank">www.lisaselow.com</a></p>

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