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Lucy Atcheson

Lucy Atcheson

Based in her private Harley Street practice Dr Lucy Atcheson is one of London's leading counselling psychologists for relationship and addiction issues and, she's also programmed in on more celebrity and professional speed dials than she'd ever, wisely, admit. Aged 32, she has been with her partner for 15 years and happily married for seven - so, clearly, she practices what she preaches! But Dr Lucy is not just a therapist who cares for the urban unhappy. In 1998 she spent a year living in a Romania orphanage where she slept in the dormitory with her female patients to protect them from the regular 'pimping out' they suffered at the hands of the nurses - their supposed carers. Dr Lucy has also conducted research into Victims of Torture and worked with many patients in custody. As well as her day-to-day work helping people forge happier lives, Lucy is happy to discuss these more unusual and intense experiences. Dr Lucy is a regular contributor on the radio and has also made several television appearances including ITV's 'Make Me Perfect', 'Tonight with Trevor MacDonald', 'Turn Back Your Body Clock', and 'I Smack and I am Proud', a programme in which she took on the challenge of persuading parents not to smack their children. Dr Lucy is currently hosting 'Panic Room', a BBC3 series about curing phobias.

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