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New Dimensions Radio

New Dimensions Radio
New Dimensions is an independent producer of broadcast dialogues and other quality programming, including the globally syndicated NEW DIMENSIONS, a weekly one-hour interview series featuring the 21st century's leading thinkers, social innovators, creative artists, scientists and spiritual teachers. They produce special radio series, publish books and tapes, and sponsor Deep Listening/Deep Questioning: The Art of Authentic Dialogue training intensive with Michael Toms. Their purpose is to present practical knowledge and perennial wisdom through a diversity of voices and views from many traditions and cultures. New Dimensions has interviewed hundreds of the greatest minds on the planet such as the late mythologist Joseph Campbell, poet Maya Angelou and physicist David Bohm. It has featured Pulitzer prize winners E.O. Wilson from Harvard and poet/ecologist Gary Snyder. New Dimensions has published an on-going newsletter and has published many books based on these dialogues.

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