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Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis' interest in energetics began when he was exposed to the work of Wilhelm Reich, as well as to Oriental philosophy and religion. Since then, he has pursued that direction, with several pit stops - to develop computer expertise as well as obtaining a number of degrees in the healing arts. It was during these studies that he became aware of the energetic testing work being done in Germany. His subsequent investigations convinced him that the work contained the gem of genius but failed to fulfill its true potential. He wrestled with his own approaches to energetic testing for several years, trying to expand the possibilities of this work. Then, while spending a weekend camping out in the high desert, he had a vision or revelation. He returned to civilization with the understanding that technology and consciousness were inextricably bound. Advances in technology alone were useless unless they were accompanied by advances in the consciousness of the tester or administrator of that technology. Thus was born his revolutionary work in Quantum Consciousness, the measurement of units of consciousness. Both his work and his writing describe the application of this concept of all of life.

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