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Susan Dintino

Susan Dintino
Susan Dintino is an author, motivational speaker and radio-show host who embraces the opportunity to reach out to a multitude of people in a way that blends humour with the life lessons she's learned along the way. As the host of the highly rated weekly radio show <i>Susan Dintino Live,</i> airing every Wednesday on, Susan gets to the heart of the matter with her special brand of humour. A trusted and popular adviser on, she uses her intuitive abilities to provide her clients with clear guidance and advice that assists them in choosing the best path for their lives. As a contributing writer for the popular website, Susan keeps a blog that allows her to share her thoughts on everyday topics that bring chuckles and a-ha moments to her readers. Meditation is one of her passions, and she's recently trademarked a new technique: InPowering Meditationâ„¢, which combines automatic writing, affirmation creation and guided meditation to promote peace and serenity, as well as assisting the listeners in manifesting what they desire.

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