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Tricia Huffman

Tricia Huffman

Tricia Huffman is a podcast host, speaker, coach and Manager of Integrity to Grammy Award Winning Artists. While living out her first dream as a touring sound engineer, she saw that everyone, including the people we think "have it all" often still don't feel fulfilled and fight doubts, worries, and compare themselves to others daily. With her personal background and knowledge in self-care, personal empowerment, and wellness, she first created her work as Your Joyologist to keep artists healthy, grounded and inspired in body and mind while on tour. She now spreads her mission urging you to claim your joy and own who you are daily via her empowering social media posts, real talk podcast, coaching work, product line, Own your Awesome daily inspiration App, and everything that she does.

She is based in Los Angeles, where she is raising her strong willed, independent, creative daughters and F-ing the shoulds while claiming joy daily.

Learn more about Tricia and her work at triciahuffman.com @_triciahuffman yourjoyologist.com @yourjoyologist and subscribe to her Claim it! Podcast.

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