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    Veit Lindau

    Veit Lindau, professional member of the German Speaker Association, is a teacher, speaker, and author, who sees himself as a loving cultural provocateur, a caring business punk, and a free spirit. In German-speaking countries, he is regarded an expert for integral self-fulfillment;  and his books, bestsellers in Germany, are considered wake-up calls that are precise, without compromise, yet full of humor. As founder and part of successful companies and projects (such as Life Trust Akademie, Erfolgswerk, Living Master Club, and AkashaDigital), Veit demonstrates that uniting authenticity, meaningfulness, and success is indeed possible. What his audiences love most about him is his authenticity: a synthesis of transcendent depth and human down-to-earthness. Leaving the lecture, you’ll return to your everyday life strengthened, reassured, and equipped with solutions that work! Right now Veit’s biggest project is a life-transforming coaching program with almost 4,000 participants from 19 countries, called The Living Master Club.

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