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Wyatt Webb

Wyatt Webb
Who is Wyatt Webb? He is a native of a 250-person town in rural Georgia who survived two decades in the music industry as a country singer who toured the country 50 weeks a year. Realizing that he was practically killing himself due to a drug-and-alcohol abuse problem, Webb sought therapy, which led him to quit the entertainment industry to study methods of therapy. A job at his original rehab center in Nashville led him to become the head of the juvenile treatment program at Arizona’s famed Sierra Tucson facility. Eventually Webb would become one of the most creative, unconventional, and sought-after therapists in the country. He is a man whom people flock to see, and one whom corporations hire to solve their people problems.<br><br> People are connected to the tall, gray-haired man, and through this bond, they start to reclaim parts of themselves at his (very) OK-Corral. <br><br>For Webb, it’s all about making a connection and getting rid of self-doubt and fear. Those who want to connect have issues that include mental, physical, and emotional abuse related to marriages on the rocks; parent-child relationships gone bad; and much worse concerns, including rape and abandonment. The first step to healing is connecting with that large, furry beast called the horse. But how can a horse help you find comfort, happiness, and yourself? A horse can help a rape victim find peace. It can teach a power-hungry Wall Street executive how to relax. It can nudge a middle-aged woman who curls up each night with a TV and a few forgotten dreams into opening her heart and finding love again. For Webb’s patients, it’s not about the horse. It’s about the man. Wyatt is currently the founder and leader of the Equine Experience at Miraval, one of the nation's top resorts, which is located in Tucson, Arizona.

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