Awakening the Healer Within by Deborah King

    Awakening the Healer Within

    by  Deborah King

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    Are you a natural born healer? What are the skills of a healer and how can you develop them? How to sense chakras and what do they tell you about yourself and others? How to balance chakras? How to nip an illness in the bud? What steps can you take to keep yourself safe while you’re learning to heal? Are you looking for expert guidance in the healing field?

    Look no further!

    In this transformational Audio Download Lecture, renowned master healer Deborah King takes you on an exploration of how you can begin to awaken the healer within you. She teaches you the basic skills you'll need in order to enter the mysterious world of healers, sages, and shamans.

    With Deborah's insightful guidance, you'll:
    • Learn the signs that you are a healer and how to maximize your potential.
    • Learn to sense chakras and discern when they are in or out of balance.
    • Discover the connection between the individual chakras and problems like depression, insomnia, anxiety, weight issues, and other “dis-ease.”
    • Get guidance on how to pinpoint the exact area of blockage that is preventing you from moving forward.
    • Increase your sensitivity so you can distinguish between internal noise and messages from beyond.
    • Learn powerful exercises to connect with your guides and receive higher spiritual guidance.

    Ultimately, Deborah teaches you the foundational skills you need in order to get on the fast track in the healing world—a world that requires you to self-heal on every level (physical, emotional, and spiritual) so you’re prepared to go behind the veil into the world of the mystics.
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